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Trump and the Post-Constitutional Presidency

Some conservatives say that Donald Trump is a menace to the Constitution, because he seems intent on picking up Barack Obama’s D.C.-approved extra-constitutional powers and using them for his own Trump-ian purposes, maybe even going further down the path to executive-order dictatorship than Obama did.


How Trump Exposed the Tea Party

Here are some of the things that have been said by the guy who has galvanized the GOP’s Tea Party base and taken the lead in the Republican presidential race:

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Andrew Jackson’s Likeness on the $20 Bill Must be Preserved

Andrew Jackson’s days on the $20 bill may be over if an activist group called Women on the 20s gets its way. Because of this campaign, which is backed by a litany of liberal columnists, “Old Hickory” may be unceremoniously ditched in favor of one of these four female candidates.


State Legislator Files Bill to Remove Marijuana Prohibition Laws in Texas

Texas State Representative David Simpson (R-Longview) introduced a bill on Monday to repeal Texas statutes relating to the prohibition of marijuana. The bill, HR-2156, would strike all language relating marijuana in current Texas laws. “Representative Simpson’s HB 2165 (attached below)