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WaPo Fails to Discredit Trump Donations to Louisiana Flood Victims

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – After The Washington Post attempted to discredit GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s donations to Louisiana flood victims on his trip to flood-ravaged region, the campaign is now debunking the claims in an exclusive statement to Breitbart Texas.


Identities of Louisiana Flood Victims Beginning to Surface

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — The victims of the Louisiana flooding disaster, which is being deemed the country’s worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, planned to wait-out the storms — but that was before floodwaters proved deadly.


Louisiana Paper Depicts First Responders Handing Blacks ‘Last Rites’

In a political cartoon causing outrage across Louisiana, the Times Picayune published a depiction of police officers handing black Americans their ‘last rites,’ a narrative that is being immediately debunked as first responders rescue thousands in the state amid historic flooding.