Flashback: Hillary Called W. ‘Invisible’ After Hurricane Katrina in 2007 Ad

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BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — In a radio ad to African American voters in 2007, then-Senator Hillary Clinton called President George W. Bush “invisible” in his response to Hurricane Katrina.

Clinton blasted Bush in the ad, which she ran in South Carolina, portraying him as an absentee president who neglected Katrina victims, despite flying over the state when it was hit with the fatal natural disaster.

“And if you’re stuck on a rooftop or stranded in the Superdome during a hurricane, you’re invisible to this president even when you’re on CNN,” Clinton said in the ad.

Clinton has yet to even set a date to visit Louisiana flood victims, saying in a statement that she does not want to “disrupt” the clean-up efforts in the wake of the unprecedented flooding, as Breitbart News reported.

“The best way to help Louisianans affected by these terrible floods is to make sure they have the resources they need today,” Clinton said in a statement released by her campaign. “I am committed to visiting communities affected by these floods, at a time when the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response, to discuss how we can and will rebuild.”

President Obama has not received similar criticism from Clinton either, although he was widely criticized by residents and Louisiana newspapers for refusing to cut his vacation short and visit the state, Breitbart Texas reported.

Clinton actually spent time with Obama during her trip late last week to Martha’s Vineyard where she threw her husband, former President Bill Clinton a birthday party.

Meanwhile, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Louisiana flood victims with his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, donating a truck-full of supplies and necessities to those uprooted by the historic flooding.

Like Clinton, Obama once attacked Bush for his response to Katrina, saying that Bush’s flyover across the state at the time was a metaphor for his failed presidency.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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