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Indian Policeman Stoned to Death by Muslim Mob in Kashmir

Local reports say the officer, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Mohammad Ayub Pandith, who was not in uniform, was confronted by a group of worshipers after being seen taking photos on his cellphone. He then panicked and drew out his gun, firing at the group and injuring three people, which led to the incident.

Mohammed Ayub Pandith's relatives mourn his killing. Image credit: Tauseef Mustafa/AFP

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of ‘Lynching’

The activist left is trying to drum up support for Jasmine Richards, a Black Lives Matter activist convicted Thursday for her violent interference with law enforcement by claiming that she was convicted of “lynching.” However, an exclusive interview with Breitbart News reveals the real details behind the Black Lives Matter thug’s encounter with police.

Black Lives Matter Pasadena Organizer Jasmine Richards YouTube

CA Lawmakers Strike ‘Lynching’ From The Books Amid Confederate Flag Flap

In January, during a protest against police, “Black Lives Matter” activist Maile Hampton was arrested and charged in Sacramento, California with “felony lynching” for “attempting to seize someone from police custody.” Although the charge is based on a 1993 law, outrage ensued over the fact that a black woman was charged with lynching.

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