Myanmar: Buddhist Monk Arrested with Weapons Arsenal, 4 Million Meth Pills

The government of Myanmar arrested a Buddhist monk on Tuesday for hiding over four million methamphetamine pills and a cache of “a grenade and ammunition” in his monastery. The incident highlights one of the world’s most sprawling drug epidemics in a nation former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has regaled as an Obama White House success story.

Myanmar: Buddhist Monks Arrested with Weapons Arsenal, 4 Mil Meth Pills

Chanting Monks Top Billboard Chart for Third Week in a Row

A Benedictine community of monks from Norcia, Italy, has released an album of heavenly strains of Gregorian chant that is enjoying extraordinary success. The CD not only debuted at number 1 on Billboard’s classical chart, but has held top billing for the third straight week.


New Zealander Sentenced to Prison for Bar Ad with Picture of Buddha Wearing Headphones

Freedom of speech and expression have come under scrutiny with a vengeance recently. In Burma (Myanmar), it was taken to a whole new level when a bar manager from New Zealand and his two Burmese colleagues were sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison–with hard labor—for posting an image on social media of a Buddha wearing headphones, in an attempt to promote unlimited frozen margaritas.