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Mass Migration

Allow Left-Wing Strongholds to Set Their Own Immigration Policies, Say MPs

A group of MPs led by Chuka Umunna, a former candidate for the Labour Party leadership and a leading Remain campaigner in Britain’s referendum for membership of the European Union (EU), has called for left-wing strongholds such as London and Scotland to be allowed to set their own immigration policies.

Lavdrim Muhaxheri, also known by the nom de guerre Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is a Kosovo Albanian Islamic State leader and recruiter of ethnic Albanian jihadi foreign fighters fighting in Syria and in Iraq.

Report: Foreign-Funded Islamist Networks Active in EU Applicant States

The Switzerland-based Centre for Security Studies (CSS) has published a report, focusing on the “Dynamics of Radicalization and Violent Extremism in Kosovo”, which claims that “foreign-funded extremist networks” are active in states applying to join the European Union (EU).


Juncker Blocked Clamp Down on Tax Avoidance, Leaked Cables Say

Leaked diplomatic cables indicate that Jean-Claude Juncker, the embattled President of the European Commission, blocked proposals to clamp down on cross-border tax avoidance schemes within the EU as Prime Minister of Luxembourg.


Migrant Drownings at Record High as Europe Refuses to Turn Boats Back

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates that 340 migrants have drowned in four major shipwrecks over the course of the week, bringing the reported total for November so far to 546. This compares with 141 for the entire month in 2015 and 22 in 2014.

goldman sachs

EU Referendum: Goldman Sachs Puts Its Money Where Its Blood Funnel Is

Liberal, progressive types are not generally supportive of calls for the UK to leave the European Union, perceiving the Eurosceptic field as being dominated by xenophobes and unreconstructed Thatcherites who long to celebrate a Brexit by piling up a great