National Assembly

Critics Blast New French Laws Censoring ‘Fake News’

The French National Assembly passed two bills this week concerning the censorship of “fake news” that have been sharply criticized as an attack on freedom of the press and the imposition of an “official truth.”


South Korean Political Crisis: Park Asks Parliament to Decide Her Fate

The political crisis in South Korea has come to a head, as President Park Geun-hye announced she would allow her country’s National Assembly to decide how long she remains in office, and she will resign at once if asked. Opposition lawmakers declared on Wednesday they would proceed with impeachment despite her offer.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

President of Venezuela: To Avoid Supermarket Lines, Grow Your Own Food

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has replaced his Minister of Urban Agriculture – a position created two weeks ago – as part of renewed efforts to convince Venezuelans to grow their own food, because import shortages are not going away anytime soon.


Venezuela: Pharmacy Federation Declares ‘Humanitarian Emergency’

The Venezuela Pharmaceutical Federation is making demands for socialist President Nicolás Maduro to declare a “humanitarian emergency” due to the extreme shortages of drugs throughout the country, as medications ranging from simple antibiotics to cancer and AIDS drugs are nowhere to be found.