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Blue State Blues: Ted Cruz Lost Because American Conservatives are Liberal

American conservatism, at its best, is open to new ideas and new people. In contrast, American liberalism, like the socialism and communism from which it springs and which it seeks to perfect, is constantly proclaiming its novelty, but is actually just the application of a very old principle to new targets.

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Watch: Ted Cruz Takes Phone Call From Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Trump’

Thursday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) entertained a phone call from “Donald Trump” played by show host Jimmy Fallon advising him how to answers questions he might face from Fallon in his appearance.


Watch: Trump Defends ‘New York Values’ at NY GOP Event

Thursday at the GOP Gala in New York City, Republican presidential front-runner offered a defense of “New York values,” something which his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had suggested was a quality of which voters should be wary when considering Trump


Ted Cruz May Win Iowa, But Missed an Opportunity

Cruz has the organization, the data, and the must-win attitude to mount a comeback. Yet even if he does win, he has missed an opportunity to unite the party, beat the media and prepare for the general election.

Ted Cruz (Paul Sancya / Associated Press)

Ted Cruz’s Big Gaffe at GOP Debate: ‘New York Values’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was having the best GOP debate of the campaign–arguably, of any candidate–on Thursday night. But an unforced error on “New York values” gave frontrunner Donald J. Trump the chance to take control.

Trump beats Cruz (Scott Olson / Getty)