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Populist Woman Mayor Wins Rome by Landslide: ‘New Era’ Begins

Virginia Raggi, the telegenic populist candidate from Italy’s 5-Star Movement (M5S), has won a landslide victory to become the first female mayor of Rome, defeating the Democratic Party candidate Roberto Giachetti by more than thirty points in Sunday’s runoff election.

Virginia Raggi, Five Star Movement (M5S) candidate for the mayoral elections in Rome, speaks during her last campaign meeting on June 17, 2016 at Ostia Lido, Rome's seashore, before the second round of the election.

‘Patriotic Spring’: Populist Parties to Meet in Vienna

Next week the head of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) will meet with French Front National leader Marine Le Pen to celebrate a “Patriotic Spring” event near Vienna, along with representatives from other right wing European parties. It will be


Northern Italy ‘Anti-Mosque’ Law to Remain in Vigor

Contrary to recent news stories that Italy’s highest court had nullified a regional “anti-mosque” law in the northern Lombardy region, the region’s president is now crying victory, saying that the court’s ruling leaves the law substantially intact.

Mehmet Kaman / Anadolu Agency/AFP

Italian Supreme Court Nullifies Lombardy’s ‘Anti-Mosque’ Law

Italy’s highest court has repealed a law that strictly regulated the construction of new mosques in the northern region of Lombardy, on the grounds that it unjustly discriminated against Muslims. Representatives of the Northern League party, which sponsored the original

DC- Area Muslims Visit Mosque During Holy Month Of Ramadan

Italy’s Immigration Crisis Reaches Boiling Point

The immigration crisis affecting Italy reached boiling-point yesterday. A build-up of asylum-seekers at major train stations in both Rome and Milan led to clashes with police and calls from angry politicians demanding EU assistance. AFP reports that over the course of the week

A volunteer talks to a group of migrants as police officers stand in front of the door of a train bound for Munich at the Bolzano railway station