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The Nuclear Option: Disarm the Terrorists (Not the Law Abiding)

Hillary wore white. Stepping into the klieg lights, she was — finally! — the blushing bride of the Democratic Party. Smiling, waving, tilting her head, clutching her fist to her chest as she surveyed her adorable fans. She stepped to the lectern and gazed lovingly into the teleprompter.


The Nuclear Option: U.S.S. Trump Capsizes H.M.S. Little Marco in Florida

Watching the GOP establishment clamor to get aboard Sen. Marco Rubio’s little dingy of a campaign underscores just how desperate Republican leaders have become after years of ignoring their base voters and then disastrously misunderstanding the degree to which real estate developer Donald Trump would fill that vacuum.


The Nuclear Option: Trump’s Winning Streak Baffles GOP Losing Club for Losers

Republicans insisted that real estate developer Donald Trump sign their silly little pledge before they let them into their Losing Club for Losers. They said that unless he signed their pledge, he would run as a third party candidate if he did not win the nomination. He would hurt the party. He would fracture the vote and ensure whoever did win the nomination could never win the general election.