Operation Choke Point

FDIC Chairman in Hot Seat Over Operation Choke Point

Tuesday’s subcommittee hearing on Operation Choke Point is likely to be just the beginning of even stronger efforts by members of Congress to call executive agencies to account for their ongoing abuses of power as part of Operation Choke Point. Whether Congress will choose to exercise its constitutional authority and fire out-of-control executive bureaucrats as a first step in reasserting its legitimate powers remains to be seen.


Operation Choke Point: US Consumer Coalition Scoffs as Credit Union Denies Feds Forced It to Shut Down Gun Dealer’s Bank Account

The President of Heritage Credit Union is denying that the National Credit Union Administration forced it to shut down a Wisconsin gun dealer’s bank account. But Brian Wise, senior adviser to the United States Consumer Coalition, says the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the National Credit Union Administration and the Obama administration’s Operation Choke Point.

Reuters/Jim Young

Operation Choke Point: Feds Pressure Credit Union to Close Wisconsin Gun Dealer’s Bank Account

A gun dealer in Hawkins, Wisconsin says the federal government forced the Heritage Credit Union to close his recently opened bank account because he’s in the business of legally selling guns. The United States Consumer Coalition calls this just the latest example of the extralegal overreach of Operation Choke Point, the Obama administration’s effort to put industries it doesn’t like–especially gun dealers and pay day lenders–out of business.

Reuters/Jim Young