European Leaders Snub Davos, Despite Focus on Populism

The leaders of some of the European Union’s largest countries and institutions will be giving the elite gathering at Davos a miss next week, despite the timely issue of populism being high on the agenda.


China Warns Trump: Iran Nuclear Deal Must Stand

Implementation of the Iran nuclear deal should not be “affected by any changes in the domestic situations” of countries involved, China’s foreign minister warned Monday, responding to US president-elect Donald Trump’s threats to abandon it.

A copy of the local Chinese magazine Global People with a cover story that translates to 'Why did Trump win' is seen with a front cover portrait of US president-elect Donald Trump at a news stand in Shanghai on November 14, 2016. Chinese President Xi Jinping and US president-elect Donald …

May To Review Security Risks Of Chinese-Funded Nuclear Power Plant

HANGZHOU, China, Sept 4 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday she wanted her security advisers to review a delayed nuclear power investment from China – a source of diplomatic tension – as she arrived in the country to attend a G20 summit.


China Charges American Woman with Spying After a Year in Detention

China has indicted 56-year-old American business consultant Phan “Sandy” Phan-Gillis on charges of spying for a foreign government, with a possible life sentence hanging in the balance. She is a naturalized American citizen of Chinese descent, who arrived in the United States as a refugee from Vietnam.

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Chinese Journalist Disappears While Flying to Hong Kong

A politically engaged Chinese journalist has disappeared on his way to Hong Kong. His friends believe authorities abducted him due to an open letter he wrote that demanded President Xi Jinping resign.


China, Vietnam Seek to Restore Ties Broken by South China Sea Dispute

Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed an envoy of the head of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Nguyen Phu Trong, to Beijing this week, urging Vietnam to seek strengthened ties with China after years fighting over territory in the South China Sea have exacerbated tensions between the two nations.

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Pope Francis Urges World not to Fear China’s Growth

In an hour-long interview with the Asia Times, Pope Francis spoke about his general impressions of China as well as his hope that the Chinese people will be able to work together with other countries to bring about greater peace

Pope Francis attends his first consistory at the St Peter's Basilica on February 22, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. 19 new cardinals have been created in a ceremony in the Vatican.

China Vows ‘Enhanced Cooperation’ with Russia Against Terrorism

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced Monday his nation would work to take on a broader role in the international war against terrorism, promising Russian President Vladimir Putin China would be at his disposal to aid in anti-terror efforts. Russia has deeply involved itself in the Syrian civil war on the side of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

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Officials: ‘No Indication’ China Has Stopped Hacking American Companies

China’s talk of cyber-security reform has not been followed by significant action, according to U.S. intelligence officials. “We haven’t seen any indication in the private sector that anything has changed,” said National Counterintelligence Executive William Evanina on Wednesday, as he announced a forthcoming report on economic espionage in cyberspace.

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Prince Charles To Skip Banquet With Chinese President

Britain’s Prince Charles is to skip a state banquet during a visit by next week, the office of the heir to the throne said on Wednesday. The Prince of Wales will hold “one-to-one talks” with the president but will not

Prince Charles

Apple iPhone’s Implodes in China Stock Crash

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone sales appear to be in big trouble, despite iPhone being on track to post a 40 percent year-over-year unit sales gain through the second quarter.

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Report: ‘Real’ China GDP Shrinks as Demand Collapses

Lombard Street Research (LSR) has reported that China’s “real” (after-inflation) GDP actually fell -0.2% for the quarter ending March 2015. Despite the official government claim of +1.3 percent growth for the quarter and +7 percent annualized growth. China’s quarterly performance

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