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Aussie PM Abbott Ousted In Party Coup: Replaced By Malcolm Turnbull

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been ousted from his position by an internal government challenge and the party’s former leader has been elected to replace him. Abbott lost a leadership ballot by members of his

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F/A-18F Super Hornet over Iraq to bomb Islamic State terrorists.

US Asks Australia To Expand Combat Air Operations Into Syria

Australia has received a direct request from the US to expand its combat air operations against ISIS from Iraq into neighbouring Syria. Prime Minister Tony Abbott confirmed Friday he is considering the move. “We’re not going to rush a decision,

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Tony Abbott Wins: Push For Gay Marriage Vote Defeated In Australia

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and now he has forced his own governing conservative coalition to back that view. After a marathon five-hour debate, the push for gay marriage to

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Gay Marriage In Australia? Not if PM Tony Abbott Can Stop It

Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott is no fan of gay marriage. At a personal level he has described himself as “probably the last holdout for the traditional position” in his family – a reference to his outspoken lesbian sister.

Type 26 Frigate

Britain and Australia May Share Modular Frigate Programme

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s conservative government has called time on indigenous plans to build a new frigate fleet, opening the field to a number of potential foreign designs. The previous preferred option to build up Australia’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

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Green Fury: Aussie PM Tony Abbott Approves Massive New Coal Mine

Forget subsidy-hungry wind, solar and hydro power alternatives. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes coal is the future because it’s good for humanity. To prove he is a man of his word, Mr Abbott’s conservative coalition government has approved another massive new thermal coal mine for

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Aussie PM Tony Abbott Cancels All Government Wind Farm Subsidies

Australia has slammed the door shut on any new government-funded investment in renewable energy schemes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott extends his “war on wind power”. In doing so Mr Abbott has sent a clear message to the mendicant green

YEMEN, - : An image grab taken on April 16, 2014 from a video released on March 29, 2014 by Al-Malahem Media, the media arm of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), allegedly shows AQAP jihadists listening to their chief Nasser al-Wuhayshi at an undisclosed location in Yemen. Wuhayshi has …

Clear Majority Of Australians Support Stripping Jihadi Citizenship

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s controversial plan to strip nationals of their citizenship if they take part in terrorist activities has the overwhelming backing of voters across all mainstream parties. The proposal was first floated in May but a new

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Aussie PM Tony Abbott To Deport Convicted Terrorists AND Their Families

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott doesn’t just talk tough on terrorism – he acts on it. On Wednesday his conservative coalition government will introduce new legislation stripping dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they are involved in terrorism. He also

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Australian Police Foil ISIS-Inspired ANZAC Day Terror Attack

Counter terrorism police in Australia have alleged that two of the five men they arrested in an operation in the Victoria state capital of Melbourne today were planning an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on an Anzac Day ceremony and march


Taoiseach Attacks Australian PM’s St Patrick’s Day Message

The Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kelly, has attacked his Australian counterpart over his St Patrick’s Day message. Tony Abbott began the message by saying the celebrations were the “one day where it was good to be green”, and then went on to