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Aussie PM Abbott Ousted In Party Coup: Replaced By Malcolm Turnbull

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been ousted from his position by an internal government challenge and the party’s former leader has been elected to replace him. Abbott lost a leadership ballot by members of his

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Britain and Australia May Share Modular Frigate Programme

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s conservative government has called time on indigenous plans to build a new frigate fleet, opening the field to a number of potential foreign designs. The previous preferred option to build up Australia’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

Type 26 Frigate

Green Fury: Aussie PM Tony Abbott Approves Massive New Coal Mine

Forget subsidy-hungry wind, solar and hydro power alternatives. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes coal is the future because it’s good for humanity. To prove he is a man of his word, Mr Abbott’s conservative coalition government has approved another massive new thermal coal mine for

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