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Bomb Blast in Central Beirut Aimed at Bank: Minister

Lebanon’s central bank has pushed its commercial banks to heed the U.S. act, and Blom Bank is one of those that has closed accounts belonging to people suspected of links to Hezbollah. The group had no immediate comment on the blast.


Migrant Aid Groups Face Insolvency Due to Cuts

Migrant aid groups in Austria are facing insolvency as the government withdraws their funding. A government scheme, begun last October, to fund charities and non governmental organisations (NGOs) to ease the burden of the migrant crisis will be over at the

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Greek Catholic Patriarch: No One Defends Islam Like Arab Christians

TEL AVIV – The head of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church declared that Christians love Muslims and no one defends Islam more than Arab Christians, MEMRI reported.  In an interview earlier this month with the official Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, Gregory

syrian archbishop

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo: European Migrant Crisis ‘Is an Invasion’

Former United States Congressman Tom Tancredo joined Stephen K. Bannon on a recent Sirius XM Breitbart News Saturday Radio program, warning of the dangers amidst the “like somebody rang a bell” European migrant crisis. The phenomenon is bringing predominantly young men, “colonists essentially,” from the Middle East to countries with substantial social welfare programs.

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