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Search for Sexism in Silicon Valley Starting to Annoy Women

The tech media’s search for sexism in Silicon Valley ran into some trouble Tuesday, after a former Reddit employee who recently left the company rebuked the tech media for suggesting that her departure was due to sexist discrimination.

Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Meet the New Reddit Boss, Worse Than the Old Reddit Boss

Ellen Pao has resigned as CEO of Reddit following the worst set of user and moderator revolts in the site’s history, but Redditors who hoped her departure marked the end of threats to free speech on the site are likely to be disappointed.

Reuters/Robert Galbraith

#RedditRevolt Rages as Redditors Condemn ‘Chairman Pao’s’ Crackdown

“PAO GET OUT NOW” shouts a post on the first page of the front page of Reddit. It links to a picture of Adolf Hitler with the face of CEO Ellen Pao superimposed upon it. This is now a common sight on Reddit, the influential “Front Page of the Internet”, a website whose users are in full-scale revolt against their administrators.

The Associated Press