Sacramento County

Santa Ana homeless (Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty)

14,000 Used Needles at OC River Homeless Camps

Orange County found 13,950 used hypodermic needles left by evicted homeless people along the Santa Ana River, confirming public health concerns that led to the camps’ removal.

AP Photo/Al Behrman

Concealed Carry Permits Surge In Sacramento County

Concealed carry permits in Sacramento County have surged to the point that “about 1 out of every 135 adults” in the county carries a gun legally every day, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery (U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs)

Sacramento County Admits Failure to Bury Veteran in Military Cemetery

A Sacramento woman who discovered her veteran father was not provided with a proper burial is suing the county. The county admitted to making the mistake in 2013 and reportedly agreed to move his remains to the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, where his remains should have gone in the first place.