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Ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama: Trump Wants to Feed ‘Crap’ to Your Kids

Ex-first lady Michelle Obama is calling into question the “motives” of those who oppose her bland, tasteless, and universally hated school lunch rules, insisting that those who oppose her ideas don’t care about kids and don’t mind if they “eat crap.”

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Bay Area Public Radio Mourns Obama’s ‘Food Legacy’

Bay Area public radio station KQED is mourning Barack and Michelle Obama’s departure from the White House because of their contribution to healthy food awareness, as well as their elite food tastes.

Michelle Obama prepares ingredients from a White House Kitchen Garden harvest for cooking with students June 6, 2016 at the White House in Washington, DC.

Fight Growing over D.C. School Lunch Standards

Once again, school officials are finding themselves disheartened by students who are given fruits and vegetables in school cafeterias only to throw them away before leaving the lunch line. Officials are arguing amongst themselves about what to do to stop it.


Michelle Obama Takes Credit for Food ‘Culture Change’

Michelle Obama said Thursday that the U.S. has undergone a “culture change” in the five years since she started raising awareness about childhood obesity, but as she celebrated achievements on multiple fronts the first lady also warned that the progress is “incredibly fragile.”

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