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Use of Nazi-Like Outfits Prompts Apology by Sony Music

Sony Music and the producer behind a Japanese girl band that performed in military-style costumes resembling Nazi uniforms apologised on Tuesday following a protest lodged by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Google vice president Bradley Horowitz (C) smiles with Japanese all-girl pop group AKB48 members Rino Sashihara (L), Minami Takahashi (2nd L), Atsuko Maeda (2nd L) and Mariko Shinoda (L) and AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto (3rd L) as they announce plans to expand their reach to the greater Asian market via …

Jerry Brown Signs Historic Anti-BDS Bill Into Law

On Saturday afternoon, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed an historic anti-boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) bill, Assembly Bill 2844, into law, effectively barring companies that engage in discrimination against any sovereign state — including the Jewish state of Israel — from doing business with the Golden State.


German Pastor Declares Himself An Anti-Semite

NEW YORK CITY – A pastor for the Lutheran Church in Bremen, Germany who boasted that he is an anti-Semite has prompted the Simon Wiesenthal Center to call for his dismissal.

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Wiesenthal Center Urges Dismissal of Croatia’s Culture Minister

The Israel-based Simon Wiesenthal Center urged Croatia’s government to dismiss its culture minister, saying he took a disdainful attitude toward Croatian resistance to fascism during World War Two. The Jewish human rights group expressed “shock and indignation at several actions

A protestor wearing a 'No Nazi' symbol on her arm carries a banner with the slogan 'we never forget' in front of Laszlo Csatary's last home building in Budapest on July 16, 2012, as she takes part in a demonstration called by the European Union of Jewish Students after a …

California’s Wiesenthal Center Condemns Iran Deal

LOS ANGELES, California — Two head rabbis at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles issued a joint statement condemning the nuclear accord between Iran and the P5+1, invoking history to remind Western leaders that they are repeating the mistakes of the past in trusting the tyrannical Iranian regime.

AP Photo/Vahid Salemi