South Carolina shooting

Former Stripper Sista Solove Responds to Michael Moore Protege Who Wrote the Art of Mackin’

Sista Solove aka Shamira Collins is proud to call herself an ‘angry black woman’ and she’s responded to her critics after becoming the subject of controversy among black activists. Solove gained national exposure after videos showing her heckling CNN and calling for a race war went viral and then Breitbart News followed up with more information on her background, including previous arrests for exposure related to adult entertainment work.


New Black Panther Party Charleston Rally: ‘This is War’

At a speech during a rally Tuesday night a block from the scene of the Charleston massacre of nine black churchgoers, New Black Panther ally Shaka Shakur treated the criminal attack as war, calling for “freestanding militias” to surround churches and claiming that alleged shooter Dylann Roof was a “solider” who “carried out his mission” after being trained and sent by others.

This is War - Lee Stranahan

Fired Texas Firefighter Says Praise Not Aimed at Dylann Roof

An East Texas firefighter who was fired from his fire department for making a Facebook comment that appeared to be praising South Carolina shooter Dylann Roof says that was not who his comment was referring to. Kurtis Cook says his post was taken out of the context of the discussion thread and he was praising someone else who had made donations to the victims.

Kurtis Cook - KLTV Screenshot

Walker: South Carolina Shooting ‘Horrific’

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) said that the shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina is “just horrific” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel. “Just horrific. I stand up for good, law-abiding men and women who wear the