Former Stripper Sista Solove Responds to Michael Moore Protege Who Wrote the Art of Mackin’

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CHARLESTON, South Carolina — Sista Solove, aka Shamira Collins, is proud to call herself an “angry black woman” and she’s responded to her critics after becoming the subject of controversy among black activists. Solove gained national exposure after videos showing her heckling CNN and calling for a race war went viral. Breitbart Texas then reported more information on her background, including previous arrests for exposure related to adult entertainment work.

In a 14 minute video shot in Charleston that was posted early Saturday on her Facebook page, Sista Solove says “Oh, you want to say that I was a stripper? Watch me work.” She then stands near the site of the Mother Emanuel Church Massacre and addresses the camera:

While they’re persecuting me, while they have me on cross (laughs) while they are talking about my past: it is what it is. I’m not apologetic about it. I’m not shy about it. I’m not trying to hide anything. It’s all out there for the world to see.

But I’m still out here. I’ve been out here since day one. You want to see how much heart I have and how serious I am about this movement? Watch me.

I’m tired. I’m so tired of this. I’m tired of the black-on-black crime. Black men, we’ve got to put our guns down. We’ve got to stop fighting each other and all the bickering going on with all these different activists and all these different conscious people. Y’all are doing too much. You’re doing too much. You’re doing too much. It’s time to stop this. You want a super hero? Here I am.”

Solove/Collins proceeds to change clothes on the street (without exposing herself) and then begins holding up a protest sign that reads “Stop Praying.”

Solove/Collins is responding to critics like New York Times best selling author and activist Tariq Nasheed.

Mr. Nasheed had harsh words for Ms. Collins, concerned that she would harm the reputation of all black activists. He linked to the Breitbart article on his Facebook page saying:

Remember what I said on my last Ustream show last week? We have to be careful about random people popping out of the woodworks and making reckless, non-codified statements who are “representing” us. Because the white supremacists are already using this person to discredit ALL Black activist groups. I told people this was going to happen.

Mr. Nasheed has written books including The Art Of Mackin’, The Art of Gold Digging, and Play or Be Played: What Every Female Should Know About Men, Dating, and Relationships. Nasheed, who is also behind a series of films called the Hidden Colors series, says he is an “actor, fashion designer and producer” and mentions that he has a connection well-known leftist filmmaker Michael Moore.

He was “discovered” (even though he was well known in the streets) by Michael Moore. Moore had a show on the Bravo network in the late 90s and hired Tariq to do some political satire material.

Mr. Nasheed’s concerns that Collins/Solove would tarnish the reputation of black activists were shared by a number of his Facebook commenters. Some believe that Solove/Collins is a right wing plant.

Mark Harrison said:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this idiot isn’t being paid by some right wing group. It’s a common tactic by the right to insert agitators then then a right wing publication like this (Breitbart) reports on this idiot so they can deflect what that murdering bastard Roof did. Not going to work this time mofos.

Genese Obiaga wrote:

I believe this is some agent provocateur situation…what so called “conscious” woman would refer to herself as “angry black woman” to embrace and speak negative stereotypes is so far from the work of the conscious community. AND…The motive of the news outlet providing the coverage is highly questionable.

Ms. Collins/Solov has no known connections to any conservative group and there is no reason to believe she is anything other than who she says is. A photo posted on Faceboook shows her with the leadership of the New Black Panther Party on their recent trip to Charleston.

Both Collins/Solov and Nasheed have high praise for Bree Newsome, the woman arrested for removing the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina statehouse on Saturday.

Filmmaker Michael Moore had publicly offered to pay Bree Newsome’s bail.

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