Sylvester Turner

Texas Lights Up Blue to Support Police

The glow of the Texas Governor’s Mansion bathed in blue light shined brightly to show support for not only the fallen officers in Dallas but all law enforcement officers in Texas.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Democrats Busted in Effort to Hide Obama Endorsement in Houston Mayoral Runoff

Late Friday afternoon, the campaign for Democrat Sylvester Turner sheepishly announced the endorsement of his candidacy by President Barack Obama after an email was leaked earlier in the day. The email informed a Texas Congresswoman that the endorsement would be kept quiet “so as not to get more Republicans energized to come out.”

Obama at Press Dinner - NPR Photo

IN DEPTH: Open Carry Bill Passes Initial Vote in Texas House after 5 Hr Debate

Following more than five hours of debate which was interrupted for several points of order discussions and fights over parliamentary procedure, HB 910 passed its initial vote on the floor of the Texas House by a vote of 96-35. The bill will allow Texas who possess a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) to openly carry a handgun in a shoulder or belt holster. Eighteen amendments were offered to the bill by both Republicans and Democrats but only one amendment was passed.

Open Carry OK - Reuters