Texas Lights Up Blue to Support Police

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Photo: Office of the Texas Governor

The glow of the Texas Governor’s Mansion bathed in blue light shined brightly to show support for not only the fallen officers in Dallas but all law enforcement officers in Texas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the lights to be turned on to paint the image of support for the Dallas officers who were killed Thursday night while defending protesters who were protesting against police.

Abbott cut short an out-of-state trip following the shooting and travelled directly to Dallas to meet with officials and police officers. The governor then issued an open letter to Texans titled, “A Time to Come Together.”

The Governor wrote, in part:

We mourn for the families of the fallen, for the law enforcement community and for our nation.

Respect for our law enforcement officers must be restored in our nation.

The badge every officer wears over his or her heart is a reminder of a sacred trust, a commitment, a contract with each of us.

For law enforcement officers to stand in front of us and all that threatens, we must stand behind them.

Every life matters.

With each innocent life lost, we lose more of our humanity.

It is time for us to unite as Texans, as Americans, to say no more.

No more will we tolerate disrespect for those who serve.

No more will we allow the evil of hate merchants to tear us apart.

The governor closed his letter saying, “I have faith in the goodness of Texas, of America. For in the end, evil always fails.”

This was not the first time Abbott has doused the Governor’s Mansion in blue. Breitbart Texas reported in January about the glowing mansion shining blue in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also ordered the City Hall building to be doused in blue light Friday night to show support for the Dallas officers.

Speaking about the shooting of blacks by police and the attacks on police officers, the Houston mayor also called for calm. During a Friday press conference reported by the Houston Chronicle, Mayor Turner said, “Let’s lower the rhetoric and be mindful of what we post on social media. A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

The Dallas skyline was also glowing with blue lights Friday night.

While the standoff with the shooter was still underway in the early morning hours Friday, the Dallas Omni Hotel turned on its lighted sign saying “Back the Blue”

Photo: KVTE CBS 11 Video Screenshot from Thursday night's live feed.

Photo: KVTE CBS 11 Video Screenshot from Thursday night’s live feed.

Not to be outdone, The iconic Dallas Reunion Tower “Ball” took to Twitter, saying “We can go dime, or we can shine. I choose the light. – The Ball”

Finally, in an outpouring of community support, a makeshift memorial at the Dallas Police Department headquarters was overflowing with symbols of support from the community they serve, CNN reported.

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