Six Self-Defense Handguns Under $350

A dependable self-defense handgun can be a literal lifesaver not just for the wealthy, but for Americans of all socioeconomic classes. For that reason, Breitbart News presents a list of six self-defense guns that people may purchase for less than $350.


Five Great Home Defense Shotguns for Your Christmas Wish List

Home defense is important regardless of whether you dwell in the city or the country, as home invaders have shown their willingness to strike urban and rural settings alike. And when it is your door they kick against, a great measure of confidence can be derived from a trusty shotgun.


Bersa BP40CC: Concealable, Powerful, Affordable

The Bersa BP40CC is a polymer pistol designed specifically for concealed carry and self-defense applications. Chambered in .40 caliber, the gun has the power to get the job done.

AWR Hawkins