Taurus G3: Accuracy and Dependability Without Breaking the Bank

The Taurus G3 is a striker-fired pistol that delivers impressive accuracy and dependability at an MSRP of $345.23.
AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News

The Taurus G3 is a striker-fired pistol that delivers impressive accuracy and dependability at an MSRP of $345.23.

In other words, the gun is affordable and functionally reliable, rather than being a throwback to the era when buying a less expensive firearm meant taking a chance on performance.

Moreover, the G3 has a feature that actually sets it apart from striker fired pistols by other makers. Namely, the ability for a second strike–a second trigger pull–should the primer in a given shell casing not fire. You can literally pull the trigger a second time if the situation demands it.

Beyond this, the G3 has great ergonomics, with a grip design that locks the pistol into your hand and index finger “memory pads” to help you quickly acclimate yourself to the pistol, adding to the confidence of familiarity, should you have to draw the gun under duress or reach for it in the dark of night.

The G3 ships with a 15-round magazine and a 17-round magazine in states where magazines over 10 rounds are legal. The 17-round magazine means you can conceal or open carry 18 rounds (17+1) of 9mm self-defense ammunition as you go about your day.

After shooting the G3 for a very short period of time you begin to pick up on exactly when the gun is going to fire, because of the feel of the trigger. This allows you to really hone your shot placement with the G3 and delivers impressive accuracy for a gun that can be acquired without busting the budget.

The G3 weighs just under 25 ounces unloaded.

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