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Hillary Clinton’s Computer Company Wasn’t Cleared for Classified Material

As the Hillary Clinton email scandal turns into a mushroom cloud, with new names popping into the chain of custody for her electronic communications every day, one of the lingering questions is whether any of these people were actually cleared to handle the sensitive, classified, and Top Secret information Clinton recklessly exposed.

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60 Classified Emails on Hillary Clinton’s Server, and Still Counting

It will make months to examine everything Clinton handed over – not least because she provided the messages on paper, although now that the discovery of Top Secret material finally prompted the FBI to seize the thumb drive she gave her lawyer David Kendall, perhaps a speedier review will be possible.

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Hillary Clinton’s Top-Secret Emails Discussed Drone Strikes

Needless to say, no one as irresponsible, arrogant, and untrustworthy as Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be should be permitted anywhere near classified information ever again, especially given the patently false story her campaign drones are still pushing that she did all this for the mere “convenience” of not carrying two portable email devices.

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Email Probe Includes Hillary Clinton Top Aide Huma Abedin

This is one of the most famous women in Washington – once a celebrated rising star, groomed to be Hillary’s Mini-Me, a duchess in the Clinton royal court, subject of a hundred fawning profiles in political and pop-culture magazines – and the Obama Administration claims it could not successfully send her a letter.


Is Hillary’s Long-Delayed Server Surrender a Head Fake?

As for that thumb drive, current reporting suggests it contains only the 30,000 or so emails Hillary Clinton didn’t decide to classify as “personal correspondence” and destroy. Up until a few days ago, Clinton World assured us her lawyer David Kendall was also a super-spy with all the security clearances necessary to handle the former Secretary of State’s email.


Top-Secret Emails Found on Hillary Clinton’s Insecure Private Server

Private sector America is bound by thick web of laws that can destroy any of us at a moment’s notice, even for the most innocent violation of a minor regulation by well-meaning citizens, but Democrat royalty like Hillary Clinton can flaunt even the most common-sense requirements of their powerful positions with impunity, getting away with everything from pushing a fraudulent health-care scheme, to poisoning rivers, to jeopardizing national security because they wish to evade congressional oversight.