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DHS: Suicide-Bomb Suspect Arrived by Chain Migration

The terror suspect who allegedly attempted to detonate a suicide-bomb in New York came to the United States from Bangladesh as a “chain migration” relative of an individual who had immigrated earlier into the United States.

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Doug Jones Backs DACA and Dream Act Amnesties

Democratic candidate Doug Jones supports the Democrats’ proposed DACA amnesty for 690,000 illegals and the bigger ‘Dream Act’ amnesty for at least 3 million illegals, plus millions of their chain-migration relatives.


Sen. Kennedy Pushes Bill To End Visa Lottery

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy is stepping forward with a bill that would end the lottery-visa program, which has allowed luck and foreigners to send 5 million unscreened immigrants into the United States since 1990.


Business, Progressives, Promote Visa Lottery After Jihad Attack

Progressive and business groups are defending the visa-lottery program which invited Islamic believer Saifullah Saipov into the United States before he murdered eight cyclists in New York, while mainstream Republicans step up their calls for careful, pro-American immigration rules.


NYT: How Big Business Games H-1B Visa Program

Huge international outsourcing firms are manipulating the federal H-1B visa program to profit from cheap white-collar labor by flooding the U.S. visa office with hundreds of thousands of applications, effectively sidelining applications by many smaller American companies, says a report in the New York Times.

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EXCLUSIVE: Rick Santorum Calls For ‘Orderly Process of Removal’ For Illegals

“Everybody is focusing on the impact of immigration policy on people who broke the law to come into this country in the first place and not on the people who are impacted by the people who came into this country,” Santorum told Breitbart News. “If we have this discussion about the impact on America and the people and how America is effected by this as opposed to … we have an obligation to people who are in this country illegally to treat them a certain way – I think it’s a much more successful approach to be able to connect with the American public and get good policy.”