Weekly Address

Trump Reflects on Las Vegas Shooting in Weekly Address

In his weekly radio address, President Donald Trump offered thoughts on those impacted by last weekend’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. Transcript as follows: My fellow Americans, On Wednesday, I traveled to Las Vegas to visit with the victims of


Trump Honors Andrew Jackson, Rosie the Riveter in Weekly Address

In his weekly address posted Saturday, President Donald Trump commemorated Andrew Jackson, the country’s seventh president, and Rosie the Riveter, the icon representing women that worked in manufacturing during World War II. Trump called on Americans to unite and find


Obama Calls for Paid Sick Leave in Weekly Address

During his weekly address, President Barack Obama called for paid family sick leave. Transcript as follows: There are a couple different stories you can tell about our economy. One goes like this.  Eight years after the worst economic crisis of


Obama Proposes More Unemployment Benefits in Weekly Address

In his first weekly radio address since the State of the Union address released on Saturday morning, President Barack Obama vowed to continue his “fight” for “working families,” which he maintained would continue through the of his presidency. Part of


Biden Touts ObamaCare in Weekly Address

In the  first weekly address of 2015, Vice President Joe Biden filled in for a vacationing President Barack Obama to argue that Americans make their New Year’s resolution to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act. Transcript