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Report: Migrant-Heavy French Suburbs No-Go Zones for Women

Women are invisible in public spaces and are unwelcome in cafés and bars in France’s migrant-heavy suburbs, a shocking report broadcast on France 2 last week revealed. Reporting from Saint-Denis, a commune where 36 per cent of residents were born overseas,


Kingdom’s Employment Plan For Women Irks Saudis

JAFFA, Israel – The Saudi Ministry of Labor has come under fire for a recent resolution encouraging women’s employment in the hotel industry. In light of the kingdom’s sagging economy, the ministry has sought to lower unemployment by replacing migrant workers with

A Yemeni girl looks on during a protest by women in front of United Nations (UN) office in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on January 21, 2016, against the ongoing military operations and air strikes carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in their country

Egyptian MP Seeks to Ban Face Veil, Says It’s a ‘Jewish Custom’

JAFFA, Israel – A female Egyptian lawmaker is supporting a bill that would ban women from wearing a face-covering veil, a custom increasingly common in hardline Islamist circles. Dr. Amneh Nusseir, a philosophy and religious studies professor at Cairo’s Al Azhar University, welcomed

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