Saudi Women Find Their Husband a Third Wife ‘Out of Love’


JAFFA, Israel – Two Saudi women married to the same man have reportedly asked a younger woman to be his third wife, in what they say was a gesture of love to their man.

Awad Elzuweibi, who is in his seventies, thought his wives were joking at first.

“But then I realized they were serious, and I said yes,” he stated.

The wedding took place last week in the city of Taeef, in front of hundreds of guests. He told the Saudi press that he is currently on honeymoon with his new wife.

Polygamy has become increasingly controversial, even in staunch Islamic circles. Women’s organizations claim that the justification for it, found in early Islamic writings, is no longer relevant today. The practice, they say, only perpetuates unequal power relations between men and women.

In one report, the paper said that the gracious wives “defied the growing trends among Saudi women.” Another said, “We bring you this story, but it does not necessarily reflect the paper’s position.”


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