Filmmaker Cassie Jaye Doubles Funding Target on Kickstarter After Breitbart Report


From Benjamin Lee writing at The Guardian:

A feminist film-maker has been criticised for deciding to make a documentary about men’s rights activists that takes “a balanced approach”. Cassie Jaye, who has previously directed documentaries about sex education and gay marriage, endured problems with funding and a backlash from other feminists after announcing The Red Pill.

“We weren’t finding executive producers who wanted to take a balanced approach, we found people who wanted to make a feminist film,” she told the website Breitbart. “I started to see the bias towards women’s films and against men’s. There are no categories for men’s films [when applying for grants], though there are several for women and minorities. I submitted the film to human rights categories, and was rejected by all of them.”

After funding was pulled, Jaye turned to Kickstarter where she has raised almost $204,000, more than double her target of $97,000.

Read the rest of the story at The Guardian.


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