Freedom Of Tweets Stream Raises Over $30,000 For Landmark Legal Battle

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I just can’t stop winning. Earlier this week, Breitbart Tech reported on Freedom of Tweets, a campaign to support the legal fund of Toronto artist Gregory Alan Elliott, currently on trial for criminal harassment for disagreeing with feminists on Twitter.

Today, following our reporting I joined Freedom of Tweets campaign co-ordinator Lauren Southern for a marathon YouTube livestreaming session. Since the start of the stream, more than $30,000 in new donations has been added to the Elliotts’ legal fund, bringing the total to more than $44,000. This covers the amount the family still owes in legal fees and until recently were unable to pay.

The Elliott case has become symbolic in the battle between cultural libertarians and mendacious, crybully third-wave feminists who would stop at nothing to suppress dissent. Canadian feminists succeeded in doing to Elliott what they would like to do to most dissenters: ruin them. To let that damage go unrepaired would be to let them win. And I never let a Canadian feminist win.

Sacrifices had to be made. In order to drum up support, I agreed to sing live on camera. I had originally agreed to sing the Canadian national anthem, but I decided that such embarassing footage could not be allowed to circulate on the internet. So I sang Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On instead.

Viewers were also treated with a number of amusing forfeits from other stream guests. Tim Moen, the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canda, sang the Soviet National Anthem in the original Russian (with some assistance from Reason columnist Cathy Young).

Young herself read some Robin Hood-themed fan fiction, although viewers were disappointed to find no sex scenes therein. There was also a rendition of Shawn Michaels’ WWE theme song, Sexy Boy, from blogger Ethan Ralph, a guitar solo from Professor Nick Flor, and internet history was made when YouTube queen Shoe0nHead put a shoe on her head.

Broadcaster and rabble-rouser Gavin McInnes also pledged to play and review a videogame of our choice if the Elliotts’ legal fund cleared $25,000. We intend to hold him to that pledge. And Karen Straughan has agreed to read a short work of romantic fiction penned by yours truly.

For that and much more, you can find the full stream below. It features the best person on the internet, me, and others who are among the best. There is no better, nor more entertaining way to spend an afternoon. And it’s all for a good cause: free speech on the web.

For those generous souls who want to undo the damage of third-wave feminism and help avert a social media chilling effect, the Elliotts’ fundraiser can be found here.

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