Feminist Frequency’s New Logo Is a Sexist Abomination


Notorious feminist crybully Anita Sarkeesian has spent God-only-knows-how-much on a new logo, and I’m sorry to say it is a misogynistic car-crash.

Her co-conspirator Jonathan McIntosh, who runs the show over at Feminist Frequency, has callously erased her from the branding, perhaps because Anita — how do I put this delicately? — isn’t quite the feisty little sexpot she was in 2014.


But why scrub her image from the company’s social media? Isn’t that body shaming? Why doesn’t Feminist Frequency celebrate diverse body types?

The logo itself is a car crash, of course.


And there are questions about the priorities over at Feminist Frequency, with begging emails going out claiming that Anita needs a new laptop while the charity expensively rebrands itself with all the cash it has in the bank.


Some commentators are drawing unflattering comparisons between modern feminism’s approach to dissent and similarly totalitarian tendencies from recent history.


Some of the parodies are terribly childish and mean.


The consensus seems to be that Feminist Frequency’s new logo is ugly.


And contrary to the basic principles of feminism.


When will these odious woman-haters learn? Frankly, I’m triggered.

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