Slumping Twitter Hopes to Make ‘Muzik’ with New Headphones


As Twitter continues its descent into the trenches of the stock market, newly-crowned CEO Jack Dorsey has signed off on a new investment into… headphones.

With stocks nearly 40 points down in less than a year, Twitter needs something big to keep it from collapsing under its own weight. Enter Muzikheadphones “powered by a connected app, touch screen with Hot Keys, gesture controls, accelerometer, passive noise isolation, and swappable cushions.” They’re designed to allow people to manipulate the music they are listening to and share it with others via social media.

Twitter’s investment in the project ensures seamless integration with their service. In fact, Muzik will be demonstrating just that at the microblogging service’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) display this week in Las Vegas. The initial set of headphones will retail for about $299 in attempt at direction competition with the likes of Apple’s conceptually similar Beats. An in-ear version is expected to hit later this year for about $100 less.

It’s going to be a hard sell to consumers, since the most popular music apps already include these features. Muzik’s biggest challenge will be finding a compelling reason for people to shell out a significant amount of money for ear wear that essentially just unifies a set of features already in wide use by the general public.

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