Milo on CBS: ‘I Was Un-Verified For Being A Conservative’


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on CBS Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 to discuss Twitter’s war on conservatives.

“Trust is being eroded by Twitter because they’re making arbitrary, politically motivated decisions without being honest with their users. Now, if Twitter was just going to say, we’re a liberal platform, we like progressive values, conservatives, watch out, if you step over the line or make jokes we don’t like, we’re probably going to ban you, users would, at least, appreciate the honesty. But Twitter doesn’t do that. It has, instead, deliberately opaque rules and guidelines and it misrepresents ridicule and criticism, which are essential parts of healthy debate in the public square and it misrepresents ridicule and criticism as abuse and harassment.”

Read Milo’s full comments here.


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