Yahoo! Shutting Down Multiple Content Verticals

Marissa Mayer, yahoo
The Associated Press

Two weeks after announcing a round of mass layoffs, Yahoo! has announced plans to phase out a large selection of their content verticals.

In a Tumblr post confirming the shutdowns, Yahoo! Global Editor-in-Chief Martha Nelson explains the company’s move:

On our recent earnings call, Yahoo outlined out a plan to simplify our business and focus our effort on our four most successful content areas – News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle. To that end, today we will begin phasing out the following Digital Magazines: Yahoo Food, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Autos and Yahoo Real Estate.

After announcing the simplification of a whole lot of other people’s jobs, Nelson goes on to say that the company will continue to offer its readers coverage of the eliminated topics among the four verticals that remain.

While Yahoo! Tech is reportedly not affected by the changes, its staff has been shifted to Yahoo! News, and Yahoo! Tech Editor-in-Chief Dan Tynan has been let go. Other notable layoffs include Chief Scientist Ron Brachman and Vice President of Research Ricardo Baeza-Yates.

The company’s choice to shutter Digital Magazines just two years after their creation is part of a larger restructuring. As the company tries to stay afloat, CEO Marissa Mayer continues to waste money and tank her questionable business acquisitions. It’s forced Yahoo! to try and shore up its losses and rein in business costs.

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