‘Destiny’ April Update Is Bringing Back the Prison of Elders


Destiny’s next content update will drop on April 12th, increasing the maximum Light level and bringing new challenges to the horde of waiting Guardians.

Bungie took to Twitch to both chat about and demonstrate “the largest deliverable” they’ve ever brought to the game for free. The Light level cap is being raised to 335, and new bounties, quest lines, and a new mission will help you get there. The Winter’s Run strike and Prison of Elders are both being brought up to Level 41. All of this will center around your quest to take down Malok, a new leader rising amongst The Taken in the wake of Oryx’ defeat.

Content will center around The Reef, with Variks and Petra Venj sending players on errands that will help them to reach the new Light level cap. Petra’s quest will be temporarily exclusive to the PS4, but little information outside of that was revealed. You’ll also be able to increase your reputation with the House of Judgement through weekly bounties. With three per week, that’s four months of before the challenges begin to repeat themselves.

The Prison of Elders has returned after an update to the new endgame, and a Challenge of Elders activity will be added. You’ll juggle killing waves of lesser enemies to accrue a high score while you take on a variety of Taken bosses. Try and farm for too long, and fan-favorite Variks will start deducting points from your overall score in the event. Points can be cumulatively applied to a weekly score goal that grants its own rewards as well.

After playing through a few rounds of minion farming around several “Taken” versions of familiar in-game enemies, Bungie teased next week’s video in which they’ll cover the new gear, loot engrams, and various other goodies you’ll get for spending time in the service of Variks and Petra Venj. Will the content be enough to keep people from slipping toward new experiences, or is Destiny finally running out of compelling ideas to hold onto a jaded community? Let us know what you think.

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