Daily Signal Editor Responds to Breitbart Declining Facebook Meeting

© AFP/File Tobias Schwarz
© AFP/File Tobias Schwarz

Robert Bluey, editor-in-chief of the Daily Signal, appeared on Fox News earlier today to discuss Facebook’s meeting with conservatives this afternoon and his involvement in it.

During the interview, Bluey said he would “go in with an open mind,” with hopes that Zuckerberg “stand up for free speech”. He was also asked about what he thought in regards to Breitbart’s comments that the entire event was a photo-op.

“I think the Breitbart folks were invited and said this is a giant photo-op, so they sent their regrets. But you’re going,” said Fox’s Neil Cavuto. “What do you think about the Breitbart position that this is just a waste of time and it’s all a photo-op?”

“Well, Breitbart’s not alone in this. The ACU chairman Matt Schlapp is saying the same thing, Sean Davis from The Federalist criticised it… Look I’m sitting down and having a conversation,” he explained. “I think that Zuckerberg inviting us out here is a productive step. I think it needs to just be the first step though, I mean this can’t end here, we need to see Facebook more active with conservatives not only in Washington, but across the country.”

“As the editor of the Daily Signal, I can tell you, Neil, I hear on an almost daily basis from our readers who are frustrated with Facebook because we have Facebook comments on the Daily Signal,” he stated. “So there is a perception out there that Facebook is a liberal entity, and conservatives just don’t trust it, and I think Zuckerberg needs to use this opportunity to repair some of that damage that’s been done.”

Upon being asked whether he thinks Zuckerberg can actually repair the damaged relations between conservatives and Facebook, Bluey said, “I’m hopeful that he can. I mean certainly he seems to be aggressively pursuing this meeting and trying to shift the debate because he knows that conservatives are a very active online population, he certainly doesn’t want to lose them as users of Facebook…”