Tucker Carlson Says Glenn Beck ‘Sucked Up’ To Mark Zuckerberg At Meeting

Gage Skidmore

Speaking on FOX and Friends, Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson slammed a “talk show host” for “sucking up” to Mark Zuckerberg at Wednesday’s meeting between conservatives and Facebook executives. Of course, there was only one talk show host present at the meeting — Glenn Beck.

“Some of the conservatives [at the meeting] asked tough questions. Others sucked up, basically” said Carlson.

When pressed on who the “suck-ups” were, Carlson responded: “You know, well-known talk show hosts who you think would be asking tough questions who said things like, “You’re such an innovator. You’re such an impressive guy.”


Carlson was coy about revealing the name of the mysterious brown-noser — probably because of the agreement made by the 16 conservative attendees not to divulge who said what at the meeting. But, given that there was only one talk show host present at the meeting, Carlson can’t have been referencing anyone other than Beck.

Incidentally, Beck has spent the aftermath of the meeting heaping praise on Zuckerberg and attacking his fellow conservatives for being too harsh to the social network’s executives.

On FOX and Friends, Carlson revealed that he personally pushed for one of the proposals that subsequently received strident criticism from Beck — the idea that Facebook should seek viewpoint diversity in its staff if it wanted to avoid problems of liberal bias.

“They did admit that Silicon Valley is very liberal, and the people who work there by definition are probably mostly liberal — and I said, “why don’t you hire a bunch of Mormons?” Bring people in with a different cultural background, and you’ll get a greater diversity of views and you’ll make wiser decision.”

According to Carlson, Facebook executives said this was a “pretty good idea.”

Viewpoint diversity, or political diversity, is an issue that is attracting increasing attention on campuses in the U.S, where, in some fields, it’s statistically easier to find a Marxist than it is to find a Republican. The most well-known advocate for viewpoint diversity today is Jonathan Haidt, whose push for viewpoint diversity in the academy has attracted growing media attention as reports on left-wing extremism on US campus proliferate.

Glenn Beck, however, is horrified by the idea of suggesting to private institutions that diversity of viewpoints may be more important than diversity of skin-deep factors like race or gender. “What happened to us?” pined the radio host yesterday. “When did we become them?” 

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