Vox Editor: ‘If Trump Comes to Your Town, Start a Riot’

Protesters climb atop a car stopped in traffic as a crowd marches near the venue where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was speaking during a rally in San Jose, California on June 2, 2016. Protesters who oppose Donald Trump scuffled with his supporters on June 2 as the presumptive Republican …

Following the outbreak of violence against Donald Trump supporters in San Jose yesterday, Vox editor Emmett Rensin called for anti-Trump protesters to double down on their rioting.

Despite outrage from other users on Twitter, Rensin doubled down in a bizarre follow-up comment.

Rensin’s point appears to be that the punditry, who have regularly compared Trump to a fascist dictator and a threat to democracy, ought to be supporting, or at least not condemning, anti-Trump violence.

Rensin, who admitted to being a communist in a later tweet, responded to critics accusing him of inciting violence by claiming he was merely calling for property damage, not violence. So that’s OK then …

He went on to mock critics who threatened to report him to the authorities for inciting violence.

He also suggested that conservatives were just as bad.

Vox, founded by former Daily Kos editors and edited by Ezra Klein, is well-known for its left-wing biases, masked behind their seemingly objective slogan of “explain the news.” Even so, to have one of their editors defend the violence that occurred in San Jose yesterday is likely to deepen their reputation for left-wing wackiness even further.

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