Facebook Shuts Down Transgender for Trump Facebook Page After Admin Posts Video of Homophobic Imam

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A transgender woman who set up a Facebook page to support Donald Trump has seen it deleted after the admin posted a video of an Imam advocating death to homosexuals.

Rachel Francon, a former neurologist who set up the group in support of Trump, told Breitbart News, “I posted the story about the Imam on the group and Facebook suspended me for a week, without explanation.”

“This is a sign of ultimate corrosion of our civil liberties. It means that the digital social media structure we see today will have to be changed,” she added.

Rachel previously featured as part of a Breitbart feature by Milo Yiannopoulos exploring Trump’s ‘gender-bending’ supporters, which also included Caitlyn Jenner.

Facebook has recently been criticised for its banning of multiple accounts of a conservative nature, including a gay magazine critical of Islam, two gun store owners following the Orlando shooting, as well as a group set up by Pamela Geller, the President of the Freedom Defense Initiative, entitled “Stop Islamization Of America.”

The site has also been found to have suppressed conservative voices and amplified left-wing movements such as Black Lives Matter. The controversy led to Mark Zuckerberg inviting a range of establishment conservatives to discuss the issue.

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