WATCH: Mizzou Campus Leaders Stage Play To Repair Shattered Image After Race Protests


Student leaders at the University of Missouri are staging a series of bizarre plays in order to reconstruct the school’s image following the race protests that took place last September.

In a video obtained by The College Fix, a group of campus leaders are shown performing a play to prospective students, where the protests are described as fighting against “oppression, racism, hate,” in order to protect minority students in the future.

Another leader, Emily Hammering, tells the auditorium, “If you weren’t here, you don’t know what happened,” whilst another leader, Jasmyn Barr, claimed that “We are not crybabies, [but] adults who realize that we will face many adversities in our lifetime.”

One girl, possibly a student or employee of the university, said that “During the summer questions come up about what happened on campus. This is how the SW leaders address it every night.”

The efforts to re-engage students at the university are a result of crippling decline in enrollment at the university of over 20%, whilst also operating at a $32 million deficit.

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley also said that the university might also struggle to retain students, with many feeling disillusioned following the protests dominated by Black Lives Matter activists.

The school has since banned disruptive student protests from campus, with offenders now facing the possibility of disciplinary proceedings affecting their degree or even police action.

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