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Crowdfund Aims To Help Ex-Muslim Atheist Girl Facing Threat Of Execution Escape To The West


An ex-Muslim atheist girl from an Arab Gulf State who faces execution in her home country if her religious affiliation were to be discovered is, with the help of the internet, planning an escape to the west.

The girl, known on the web under the pseudonym “Dee,” currently resides in a Gulf State country where atheism is punishable by death. According to the fundraiser, her parents are also fundamentalists, who “would not hesitate to turn her over or perform an honor killing themselves if her atheism was discovered.”

Dee also goes by the pseudonym “Haram Girl” on Twitter, where she posts regular critiques of Islam and Muslim culture. She describes herself as an atheist, a classical liberal, and an egalitarian.

Speaking to Breitbart Tech, Dee explained what it was like to live as an atheist girl in a hardline Muslim country.

“Being a female in a Muslim fundamentalist family on its own means that I can never have freedom over my life choices. I exist for one purpose which is obeying my guardian ,whether it’s my father or husband, and by that obeying Allah.”

“Being an atheist in an environment like that is simply not an option. There is no room for being a thought criminal or for “ruining my family’s honour”. If the fact that I am an atheist was made public, my parents and members or my community would not hesitate to kill me.”

Financially dependent on her parents, there is little chance that Dee could escape on her own. That’s where the internet comes in — an online fundraiser was set up last evening to raise the funds necessary for Dee to travel to Britain. In just a few hours, it met its initial target of £3,000 GBP.

The fundraiser wasn’t set up by a charity, an NGO or a government, but by two close friends of Dee’s. One is Jenn, another ex-Muslim, who like Dee formerly lived in an Arab country. She now resides in the U.S., and is committed to helping Dee escape the same Islamic nightmare.

Explaining her motives for setting up the fundraiser, Jenn said “I’m an ex-Muslim and I have gotten to know Dee very well. I used to live in an Islamic country myself before I became an atheist and moved back to the US. I have heard her plight and I had to do something. I can’t do much more than ask for everyone to help her. I did it because it’s the right thing to do.”

“I think people should donate to Dee’s cause because we all need something tangible to get behind to feel like we are doing something, anything, to help. So often we talk and talk, debate and make videos and not much changes. This is a real chance to change someone’s life for the better.”

The co-organizer is David Sherratt, also known by his web pseudonym “Spinosaurus Kin.” Sherratt is a British student and an increasingly well-known Men’s Rights Activist (MRA). Given that the Men’s Rights Movement is regularly portrayed in the mainstream media as a nest of woman-haters, it’s positively baffling that Sherratt would go out of his way to help a young girl escape from a genuinely misogynist hell-hole. Perhaps (and this is just a theory) the mainstream media is wrong? Readers will have to judge.

Speaking to Breitbart Tech, Sherratt explained the practicalities of the crowdfunded rescue mission.

“The plan to get into the country and apply for refugee status was her option when her original plan of getting a student visa was shot down by her mother’s desire for her not to leave the country.”

“Dee had difficulty working out how she would leave at this point, but after we started messaging and got together we devised a plan to get in.”

“Our plan is to allow Dee to get into the U.K. on a tourist Visa, and apply for refugee status at the end of her stay as U.K. law suggests.”

“Since you are unable to work on such a visa, and to apply for one in the first place immigration offices need you to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself for your stay, this is why we need so much money. The £3,000 goal is a low estimate, the costs could be much more but this will help a significant amount.”

With the flood of unvetted economic migrants and extremists flooding into Europe thanks to Angela Merkel’s open-door policy, it’s easy to forget that there are people in Islamic countries who do share the liberal values of the west, and face persecution in their own countries for doing so.

Dee is one of the people that the international asylum system was originally meant for — although in this instance it’s the power of individuals on social media, not the power of state governments, that might just rescue her.

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