Chinese police arrest 46 after violent protest over schooling

Chinese Kindergartners Forced to Sign Atheist Manifesto

The Education Bureau of the Chinese district of Lishan has launched a campaign to eradicate religious belief in kindergartens, which includes having the schoolchildren sign a commitment statement promising to avoid religious activities.

Franklin Graham

Atheist Frank Schaeffer Slams Rev. Franklin Graham for Supporting Trump

In a rabid new op-ed, atheist author Frank Schaeffer blasts leading evangelicals Revs. Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. for their support of President-elect Donald Trump, suggesting that they have betrayed their biblical values in exchange for white supremacy and irrationality.

atheist shoes

German Company Launches Line of ‘Atheist Shoes’

Atheist Shoes, the German shoemakers with the words “ICH BIN ATHEIST” on their soles, have announced the launch of DAS SNEAKER, the “latest evolution” of the Atheist shoe.

Jeff Wismer demonstrates his Atheist viewpoints in front of the White House with several other demonstraters from the American Atheists and Beltway Atheists May 1, 2008 in front of the White House in Washington. AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Atheists Fight to Remove ‘God’ From AA Program

A Canadian man is suing Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to have “God” removed from its famous Twelve Step program, alleging discrimination against atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers.

A Bahraini man browses the internet on his laptop in a coffee shop in the capital Manama on January 29, 2013. Twitter's unmatched platform for public opinion is emboldening Gulf Arabs to exchange views on delicate issues in the deeply conservative region, despite strict censorship that controls old media. AFP …

Saudi Man Insults Islam, Causes Twitter War

A Saudi social media users has been a target of widespread threats and condemnation after he labelled Islam “garbage” and “primitive” and advocated free encounters between men and women.