‘Titanfall 2’ Getting Major Changes After Fan Backlash


In reaction to negative feedback from players over last weekend’s multiplayer tech test, developer Respawn Entertainment is making a number of key changes to Titanfall 2.

The biggest changes come in the tweaking of player and Titan mobility. When outside of their mechs, pilots will now move while wall running and boost jumping. The recharge rate for Titans’ evasive dash is also being increased, hopefully bringing the mechs closer to the level of mobility they enjoyed in the first game.

Most importantly, the Titan meter is being returned to the system that players know from the original Titanfall, with your access to your Titan filling up over time instead of only being able to acquire it by earning points from kills and objectives. Playing the game effectively will still earn you a Titan quicker, but Respawn Entertainment states they want to ensure “every player being guaranteed a Titan per match.”

The developer noted they aren’t making any changes to the durability of Titans at this time, as they want to continue to monitor the changes they’ve made to Titans’ health and the new Rodeo system in which enemy players climb on top of an enemy Titan. However, they did note that Titans have additional abilities and upgrades that will increase their survivability that players haven’t seen in the tech test yet. They are also planning to reduce weapon damage to Titans.

While there are still other gameplay features that I noted felt like a drastic departure from the design philosophy of the original Titanfall, I commend Respawn Entertainment for taking their fans’ concerns to heart. We’ll see how these changes affect the feel of the game, as well as get a look at a new map, when the second test weekend begins on August 26.

Noah Dulis is the Deputy Managing Editor of Breitbart News and co-editor of Breitbart Tech. Follow him on Twitter @Marshal_Dov.


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