YouTube Community Unhappy with ‘YouTube Heroes’ Program

youtube camera

YouTube is under fire recently for their introduction of a new “YouTube Heroes” program that would allow regular users to undertake community moderator responsibilities.

The program, which was announced earlier this month, gives regular users access to tools allowing them to “mass flag” YouTube videos that break the website’s terms of service. The system is designed to reward users with points that help them to gain access to higher tiers of the service, allowing them greater control of YouTube content.

Many prominent YouTube stars have spoken out against the system, claiming that it could lead to more abuse rather than less as users would target specific content creators’ videos for flagging.

YouTuber Folding Ideas gave an interesting breakdown and explanation of the service and how easy it can be abused in the video below,

Other YouTubers such as PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber in the world, have made satirical videos ridiculing the system:

YouTuber Philip DeFranco noticed that YouTube had actually edited the original video advertising the service, changing the part of the video that said users could “report negative content” to say users could “report inappropriate videos accurately.”

Following community reactions to the announcement of the service, it is unknown if the system will be implemented or if it will be successful. YouTube users can apply for the position of a “YouTube Hero” now, but a launch date has not been set for the program.

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