Wikileaks: Emails Show Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Wanted to Meet with Clinton Campaign


Leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, show attempts to organize meetings with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The emails released by WikiLeaks show Sandberg offering to organise a meeting between Podesta and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.


Sandberg goes on to explain the possible nature of such a meeting, saying that Zuckerburg is “meeting with people to learn more about next steps for his philanthropy and social action” and is “interested in meeting people who could help him understand how to move the needle on the specific public policy issues he cares most about.”


It seems that Zuckerburg is interested in influencing policies relating to “social oriented objectives (like immigration, education or basic scientific research).” It isn’t blatantly stated whether or not Zuckerburg agrees with Clintons leaked open borders policy but it does seem that increased immigration is a cause Zuckerburg has aligned himself heavily with by helping to fund the immigration reform organisation FWD.US

Further emails show a meeting between Sandberg and Podesta was organised to “step through the research on gender and leadership by women.”


This is not the first time Silicon Valley elites have been accused of being involved with political campaigns or attempting to influence the presidential election. Facebook has a history of censoring anti-Hillary Clinton content, while WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has stated that Google is “directly engaged” in the Clinton campaign. The company has also been accused of censoring search results that may paint Clinton in a negative light.

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