Ubisoft Developing One of Its Game Franchises into a Netflix Series

The Associated Press

Video game publisher Ubisoft is eyeing developing a Netflix series based on one of its game franchises.

After three seasons of a children’s TV series based on alien rabbits from a party game spin-off of the long-running Rayman platformer series, a terribly received Prince of Persia movie starring sentient frown emoji Jake Gyllenhaal, and an upcoming big-screen adaptation of the Assassin’s Creed games, Ubisoft is looking toward Netflix for its next attempt at expanding beyond video games.

The publisher hasn’t announced which IP the prospective series will be based on, but Watch_Dogs seems a likely target if they’re trying for something semi-serious. They also have a relatively strong stable of family-friendly characters if they decide to follow up on the relative success of the aforementioned Rabbids Invasion show. As the A.V. Club mentions, platformer Grow Home in particular seems like it would make an easy transition between entertainment mediums.

Later this year, Ubisoft will attempt to break the ancient game-to-movie curse with Michael Fassbender donning the hood of an Assassin in the Assassin’s Creed movie. Afterward, it will reportedly try to turn The Division into a movie as well, once again employing Jake Gyllenhaal to stare meaningfully into the middle distance.

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