Google Trends Shows Searches for ‘Christmas’ at Highest Popularity in Years


Google Trends shows that searches for the word “Christmas” are on the rise for 2016 in comparison to previous years.

Worldwide trend analysis from Google Trends shows that the term “Christmas” has a popularity score of 100 in December 2016, up from lows of 77 in December 2008 and 2010.

Limited to American searches only, “Christmas” has rebounded in December 2016 to a popularity score of 100 from a low of 62 in December 2010.

Breitbart reported that a recent poll by PRRI research revealed a major divide between Republicans and Democrats when asked whether or not businesses should greet them with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Democrats were more than twice as likely to advise store employees to say “Happy Holidays” in order not to insult customers who may not celebrate Christmas, while 67% of Republicans said store employees should say “Merry Christmas.” Independents were about evenly split on the issue, with 44% saying “Happy Holidays” and 48% saying employees should wish customers a “Merry Christmas.”

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