‘Uncharted’ Movie Script Completed as Production Looks to Get Back on Track


The script for the official Uncharted movie is now complete, but it’s still a long way from the big screen.

An effusive Joe Carnahan, writer and director of Narc and The Grey, celebrated his completion of the script via Instagram:

After an indefinite delay of the project in September, the loss of original director David O. Russel, and the departure of original lead Mark Wahlberg, things weren’t looking good for the latest attempt to make a video game movie that wasn’t an absolute disaster.

Fortunes began to shift in October, when the production acquired Shawn Levy to take Russel’s place. Levy is known for the Night at the Museum movie trilogy, The Internship, and some episodes of the 2016 Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things.

The two favorites among fans to play Uncharted’s Nathan Drake are Nolan North — who’s been voicing the character in the games for almost a decade — and Firefly‘s beloved Nathan Fillion. Casting anyone else may draw some level of backlash, despite the fact that the movie is almost certain to be set long before the series finale in Uncharted 4.

Uncharted is a critically-acclaimed series of platforming, adventuring, puzzle-solving, Indiana Jones-esque third person shooter games. Every entry has garnered multiple awards, and the fourth is the best one yet. It’s a property that people have been eager to see transition for a long time, so expectations are understandably high.

Will it be the first movie to capture the brilliance of its video game source material, or is it doomed to join the ranks of its forebears? Looks like we’ll know before too long.

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