PETA Wants ‘Warhammer’ Creator to Protect Imaginary Animals from Plastic Space Marines


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking Games Workshop to eliminate fur from the design of Warhammer 40k figures.

In the grim dark future, there is only war, but, more importantly to PETA, apparently too much fur. According to PETA, the fictional warriors of the year 40,000 should eschew anything resembling animal products from their gear. They believe that the current depiction “sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable.”

Within a universe steeped in human sacrifice and unremitting carnage, it’s the millimeters of non-specific furry accessorizing that have crossed the line. Priests of Khorne can gather blood for the Blood God, so long as no animals were harmed to fill the Lake of Slaughter.

Only PETA can protect the hairy squig, or grasp the untamed majesty of a Beast of Nurgle. Turning these free creatures into fashion accessories “doesn’t take any skill,” according to PETA. Unless, of course, they’re just assuming that Imperial Space Marines stopped to skin raccoons in order to intimidate the descending horde of actual robot zombies.

No word on whether Tyranids are being considered for this same protection. We can only hope those poor creatures aren’t victimized, delaying their quest to “destroy and absorb all life in the universe.”

Thanks, PETA. With you around, perhaps the exploitative production of Grox burgers will finally cease.

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